Chickpea “Tu-nah”

I was always a huge tuna fish lover.  I loved fresh tuna too, but there were periods in my life where I would live on tuna fish.  And I’ve always liked it very simple.  When I was a little girl, I just used mayo…hold the celery, hold the onions.  Sometime after college, a friend suggested Dijon mustard.  My world was forever changed!  I’ve come to accept the celery and onion in my old age, but I don’t often bother with it.  My recipe is still totally simple—tuna, Dijon, mayo.

In going plant-based, I thought tuna fish was one of those things that I’d end up having every once in a while when I was really dying for it and it was the only viable option.  Aside from it being delicious, it’s so easy—open the can, add stuff, so simple!  I really didn’t think I could find something that would be a good substitute in terms of flavor AND ease.

Enter the chickpea.  The chickpea really is the most amazing food ever, and it turns out, it’s a great substitute for tuna fish!  Open the can, mash it up, add Dijon and Vegennaise, et voila!  I added some scallions just to be a little fancy, but it really didn’t need it.  No recipe; it’s really just however you like your tuna, use chickpeas instead.  It’s definitely mushier/moister than tuna, but having mush instead of death in my mouth is a welcome trade-off!  So next time you think “tuna?”, you can say “tu-nah!”

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