Adventure Aquarium

I sometimes wonder why they named it Adventure Aquarium…it’s in Camden, isn’t the adventure implied?! I mean, it’s an adventure just getting there!

But honestly, my boys love the aquarium and so do I. The shark tunnel is always so cool, and the big one was finally brave enough to touch the sting rays! The little one touched one of the babies and kind of freaked out, but I was so proud of both of them. There’s a new frog exhibit, at which the little one announced, “I happy Mommy, I happy!”

As something of an animal rights activist, I do wonder if I should be against the aquarium. I mean, they’re keeping animals in small areas, when they would normally swim miles and hunt naturally. On the other hand, it’s informative for my kids and gives them a chance to see sea life close up in a way they never would otherwise. They also don’t exhibit signs of unhappiness the way other animals do in captivity. So, I like to go. It’s fun and I love seeing sea life. Many people wish humans could fly…I’ve always wished we could breathe underwater.

Anyway, we decided not to bring lunch, so there was another adventure. My boys aren’t totally off meat and dairy yet, so I ended up just getting them some pizza and they were happy. For me–a tougher time. I ended up with a container of pretzel chips and red pepper hummus. I should have gotten some veggie sticks to go along with it, but I didn’t realize how much hummus I would have. The only other vegan option was this tiny house salad for $7.79, and it was just lettuce, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. Slim pickings, for sure. A vegan contemplating the Adventure Aquarium, especially with a family, do yourself a favor and bring your lunch!


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