Spring has sprung with Neuaura shoes

Finally, we’re seeing some warmer weather in the Northeast!  It was so wonderful to spend some time outside, get the garden ready, see friends and neighbors outside, and let the boys play at the park.  It also means it’s time to put away those heavy winter clothes and get out those warm-weather sun dresses and pastels.

As I transition my wardrobe, I realize how little thought I’ve given to my clothing and accessory purchases. When I decided to become vegan, I first thought it was all about eating and food.  But as I move further into it, I realize that it’s a whole lifestyle change–shoes, clothes, makeup…everything changes.  To that end, as I move from my winter wardrobe to my spring clothes, I’m moving away from leather shoes and, if necessary, replacing them with shoes that reflect my principles and ideals.  On the other hand, I live on the Main Line (think Grace Kelly).  I really don’t want to always look like the super-crunchy hippy I am at heart!

Luckily, my cheapness seems to have paid off in that area, as I discovered that many of my shoes were already not leather 🙂  Also luckily for me, my pair of very cute leather flats turned out to not only be incredibly uncomfortable, but they were also totally falling apart (note to self:  don’t buy shoes that have elastic at the back unless you want to be uncomfortable and have your big toenail create a hole in your shoe, even with going up a size).

To replace them, I wanted to buy shoes that weren’t just vegan because they were cheap.  I wanted shoes that were going to be purposely vegan, good for the environment, and would hold up for more than just a season. After a lot of research, I found these beauties shoes


They’re from Neuaura, a very cool line of shoes from a lady right here on the East Coast.  The information I found on them says they’re out of New York, but the phone number has a New Jersey area code, so it was a no-brainer to buy super-cute shoes from a fellow Jersey girl!  From what I could tell, they only come in full sizes, but these were on sale so I could be wrong.  I’d say they run a little big, but after the foot-crushing, blister-inducing shoes I had previously, a little extra room is quite welcome.

In addition to being comfortable, they are so cute!  They match pretty much everything and are so perfect for spring.  I love the stripes, and the faux suede is wonderfully soft.  Even my mom said, faux leather and suede have come so far in the past few years, why bother getting the real thing?  When it looks and feels like this, why bother indeed!

And then there’s the quality.  I’ve had them for a few weeks now and they still look great.  I’d read some questionable things about the adhesive used, but I haven’t had any problems.  The construction is great and I see myself wearing these for years.

When you decide a lifestyle that is out of the mainstream, it takes a good bit of time and effort to make the transition…and I am by no means done!  But when your research yields these kinds of results, it’s totally worth it!!


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